Our recent trip to the Bay Islands


Melissa and I have been home for a week from Guanaja and we are already wanting to go back. We had an excellent time catching up with our friends on the island as well as meeting some new
folks. The only unpleasant experience was the battle with sand fleas. We were told of a remedy while on the island which we will try before we visit again. The remedy is to take a B1 Vitamin daily along with Garlique, this combination apparently is not very appetizing to the sand fleas and they will leave you alone.
We were fortunate enough to visit Utila and Cayos Cochinos on this trip thanks to
Captain Kenny Lundy, captain of Island Time ( http://www.islandtime-charters.com/aboutus.html )
Once we arrived on the island we split time staying at Bo’s Island House and Grahams place. We hiked to the waterfall by Bo’s in a torrential downpour because my wife would not be denied. Once arriving at Grahams I did lots of fishing seeing literally hundreds of Bonefish but I was not fortunate enough to catch a single one. I have decided that I am going to have to master the art of fly fishing before my next visit so I dont spook the Bonefish.
Guanaja is a very special place and we cant wait till we get to visit again. More details to come, we hope you are enjoying the site.

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