The Truth about the current political situation in Honduras

July 28th, 2009

Below is an article which describes in detail why President Zelaya was ousted from the country of Honduras. For some reason our government will not truly admit to the American people that they were wrong for siding with the leftist Zelaya. This was not military intervention, this was a carefully orchestrated utilization of the Honduran Constitution.

The Path Forward for Honduras
Zelaya’s removal from office was a triumph for the rule of law.

One of America’s most loyal Latin American allies—Honduras—has been in the midst of a constitutional crisis that threatens its democracy. Sadly, key undisputed facts regarding the crisis have often been ignored by America’s leaders, at least during the earliest days of the crisis.

In recent days, the rhetoric from allies of former President Manuel Zelaya has also dominated media reporting in the U.S. The worst distortion is the repetition of the false statement that Mr. Zelaya was removed from office by the military and for being a “reformer.” The truth is that he was removed by a democratically elected civilian government because the independent judicial and legislative branches of our government found that he had violated our laws and constitution.

Let’s review some fundamental facts that cannot be disputed:

•The Supreme Court, by a 15-0 vote, found that Mr. Zelaya had acted illegally by proceeding with an unconstitutional “referendum,” and it ordered the Armed Forces to arrest him. The military executed the arrest order of the Supreme Court because it was the appropriate agency to do so under Honduran law.

• Eight of the 15 votes on the Supreme Court were cast by members of Mr. Zelaya’s own Liberal Party. Strange that the pro-Zelaya propagandists who talk about the rule of law forget to mention the unanimous Supreme Court decision with a majority from Mr. Zelaya’s own party. Thus, Mr. Zelaya’s arrest was at the instigation of Honduran’s constitutional and civilian authorities—not the military.

•The Honduran Congress voted overwhelmingly in support of removing Mr. Zelaya. The vote included a majority of members of Mr. Zelaya’s Liberal Party. ” His own party voted him out here is the proof”. For you politically depressed folks this would be like Nancy Pelosi voting to oust the savior Barack Obama:)

• Independent government and religious leaders and institutions—including the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the Administrative Law Tribunal, the independent Human Rights Ombudsman, four-out-of-five political parties, the two major presidential candidates of the Liberal and National Parties, and Honduras’s Catholic Cardinal—all agreed that Mr. Zelaya had acted illegally.

• The constitution expressly states in Article 239 that any president who seeks to amend the constitution and extend his term is automatically disqualified and is no longer president. There is no express provision for an impeachment process in the Honduran constitution. But the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision affirmed that Mr. Zelaya was attempting to extend his term with his illegal referendum. Thus, at the time of his arrest he was no longer—as a matter of law, as far as the Supreme Court was concerned—president of Honduras.

•Days before his arrest, Mr. Zelaya had his chief of staff illegally withdraw millions of dollars in cash from the Central Bank of Honduras.

•A day or so before his arrest, Mr. Zelaya led a violent mob to overrun an Air Force base to seize referendum ballots that had been shipped into Honduras by Hugo Chávez’s Venezuelan government.

• I succeeded Mr. Zelaya under the Honduran constitution’s order of succession (our vice president had resigned before all of this began so that he could run for president). This is and has always been an entirely civilian government. The military was ordered by an entirely civilian Supreme Court to arrest Mr. Zelaya. His removal was ordered by an entirely civilian and elected Congress. To suggest that Mr. Zelaya was ousted by means of a military coup is demonstrably false.

Regarding the decision to expel Mr. Zelaya from the country the evening of June 28 without a trial, reasonable people can believe the situation could have been handled differently. But it is also necessary to understand the decision in the context of genuine fear of Mr. Zelaya’s proven willingness to violate the law and to engage in mob-led violence.

The way forward is to work with Costa Rican President Oscar Arias. He is proposing ways to ensure that Mr. Zelaya complies with Honduras’s laws and its constitution and allows the people of Honduras to elect a new president in the regularly scheduled Nov. 29 elections (or perhaps earlier, if the date is moved up as President Arias has suggested and as Honduran law allows).

If all parties reach agreement to allow Mr. Zelaya to return to Honduras—a big “if”—we believe that he cannot be trusted to comply with the law and therefore it is our position that he must be prosecuted with full due process.

President Arias’s proposal for a moratorium on prosecution of all parties may be considered, but our Supreme Court has indicated that such a proposal presents serious legal problems under our constitution.

Like America, our constitutional democracy has three co-equal and independent branches of government—a fact that Mr. Zelaya ignored when he openly defied the positions of both the Supreme Court and Congress. But we are ready to continue discussions once the Supreme Court, the attorney general and Congress analyze President Arias’s proposal. That proposal has been turned over to them so that they can review provisions that impact their legal authority. Once we know their legal positions we will proceed accordingly.

The Honduran people must have confidence that their Congress is a co-equal branch of government. They must be assured that the rule of law in Honduras applies to everyone, even their president, and that their Supreme Court’s orders will not be dismissed and swept aside by other nations as inconvenient obstacles.

Meanwhile, the other elements of the Arias proposal, especially the establishment of a Truth Commission to make findings of fact and international enforcement mechanisms to ensure Mr. Zelaya complies with the agreement, are worthy of serious consideration.

Mr. Zelaya’s irresponsible attempt on Friday afternoon to cross the border into Honduras before President Arias has obtained agreement from all parties—an attempt that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appropriately described as “reckless”—was just another example of why Mr. Zelaya cannot be trusted to keep his word.

Regardless of what happens, the worst thing the U.S. can do is to impose economic sanctions that would primarily hurt the poorest people in Honduras. Rather than impose sanctions, the U.S. should continue the wise policies of Mrs. Clinton. She is supporting President Arias’s efforts to mediate the issues. The goal is a peaceful solution that is consistent with Honduran law in a civil society where even the president is not above the law.

What Coup?

July 8th, 2009

I spoke to a friend on the island today and they said that you would not know of the political unrest in Honduras while on Guanaja unless you saw it on the news or read about it in the newspaper. This is the true beauty of the island of Guanaja. You can get as far away from reality as you want on the island and probably will not have to check in for many years because the majority of Guanaja remains undeveloped. You can escape and walk on beaches a mile long and not see another person. If you must get in contact or catch up with world news you can do it with ease. It is an ideal vacation for those wanting to escape the stresses of everyday life.
We are hoping that the newly installed leaders of Honduras stand strong against Zelaya and the communist left to insure the country protects its democratic elections and Constitution.

Honduran Coup = A blessing for Honduras

June 30th, 2009

Contrary to the media and government in the United States the overthrow of President Zelaya in Honduras is a monumental event for the future of the country. The former president was attempting to change the Honduran constitution so he could institute a dictatorship over the country in order to remain president for life. The people would not stand for the actions he was undertaking. Zelaya has been aligning himself with far left communist leaders such as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Any association with this radical communist should throw up red flags everywhere. The fact that the US Government is codemning the actions of the Honduran people is very troubling. Are our leaders aligning themselves with Communist? The Constitution is the backbone of our country and if it is treaded on in any way you could bet that an uprising would occur in the US.

Stand strong Honduras so you can experience your free elections in November in order to democratically elect the next president of your wonderful country. Viva Honduras!

Cayos Cochinos

June 8th, 2009

After a very rough day of sailing, about 6 hours to be exact, we arrived at the chain of Islands known as Cayos Cochinos. We moored in an area next to Cochino Grande where the water was 5 different shades of blue. This was an absolutely gorgeous setting and we where the only ones around. This was by far the best snorkeling experience that we had on our visit to the Bay Islands.

We were able to identify over 50 different varieties of fish with the highlights being two very large Queen Angelfish. We also spotted a good size lobster but because we were in the nature reserve we could not catch it. The visibility underwater was excellent which made for very good video footage of the reef and its inhabitants.

After snorkeling we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset and a great meal prepared by Captain Kenny of the Island Time. We looked forward to the next day knowing that we were going to be arriving in Guanaja.

Utila was the first stop on our Sailing Trip around the Bay Islands

June 2nd, 2009

We arrived in Roatan from the states and were greeted at
the airport by our captain Mr. Kenny Lundy. He brought us
to Barefoot Cay which is where his boat remains when he is
not out sailing the seas. He took us on a tour of the Cay
which has a high end hotel that had a swimming pool and a Dive Shop.

After we got our provisions for the trip we set sail due west
towards the island of Utila. This was a 4 hour trip and was
by far the best day of sailing that we experienced. Captain
Lundy put up his Spinnaker sail which creates a feeling of
surfing on the waves via the boat.
We arrived at the island in time to go to the popular pizza
place on the island which was very tasty. After dinner we
then proceeded to a bar called the JadeSeahorse which was
quite a place. It was an elaborate bar with several levels decorated in different colored glass. The decor at this establishment made for an entertaining evening.
We awoke the next morning and went into town to shoot some
video and do a little grocery shopping. We saw several backpackers while we were on the island. We then boarded captain Lundy’s boat in order to set sail for the nature reserve of Cayos Cochinos.

An Earthquake of 7.1 Magnitude rocks the country of Honduras

May 28th, 2009

A 7.1 magnitude quake with an epicenter 80 miles northeast
of La Ceiba, Honduras awoke the residents of the Bay islands this morning at 3:24 am.

I have spoken to a resident of Guanaja and they
said that they had experienced a very big shake but that all
seemed to be well on the island. This resident also said that
residents of Bonacca were very concerned about a possible
Tsunami warning which had been issued. This warning has since
been rescinded.
After doing some research I was able to find the last date
of a powerful quake to hit Honduras. This quake was 6.5 in
magnitude and occurred in 1999.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this tragedy.

Our recent trip to the Bay Islands

May 25th, 2009


Melissa and I have been home for a week from Guanaja and we are already wanting to go back. We had an excellent time catching up with our friends on the island as well as meeting some new
folks. The only unpleasant experience was the battle with sand fleas. We were told of a remedy while on the island which we will try before we visit again. The remedy is to take a B1 Vitamin daily along with Garlique, this combination apparently is not very appetizing to the sand fleas and they will leave you alone.
We were fortunate enough to visit Utila and Cayos Cochinos on this trip thanks to
Captain Kenny Lundy, captain of Island Time ( )
Once we arrived on the island we split time staying at Bo’s Island House and Grahams place. We hiked to the waterfall by Bo’s in a torrential downpour because my wife would not be denied. Once arriving at Grahams I did lots of fishing seeing literally hundreds of Bonefish but I was not fortunate enough to catch a single one. I have decided that I am going to have to master the art of fly fishing before my next visit so I dont spook the Bonefish.
Guanaja is a very special place and we cant wait till we get to visit again. More details to come, we hope you are enjoying the site.

Cayos Cochinos snorkeling

May 4th, 2009

One of the places I can’t wait to visit on our trip is the Cayos Cochinos. It’s a group of 13 cays and two islands between the Bay Islands and the mainland of Honduras. I will post photos when we get back from our trip. We land in Roatan, then head to Utila, then to the Cayos Cochinos, then Guanaja!

Bay Islands in our sights

May 3rd, 2009

We are going to have a unique experience at the end of this week. We are traveling to the Bay Islands and upon our arrival in Roatan we will be boarding the Expectations 43 captained by David Lee (

We will be sailing to the island of Utila for Thursday evening. We have hopes of spotting whale sharks and getting some video footage of them.We are excited about checking out an island we have never visited.

The next day we will sail about 5 hours to Cayos Cochinos, which is a Honduran nature reserve. It is a chain of 12-13 cays. We will spend Friday night in Cayos Cochinos and then we are onto Guanaja. We should arrive in Guanaja sometime in the morning on Saturday after a 6-7 hour sail. Captain Lee has outriggers on his catamaran so we will be fishing on all of the sails hoping to catch Yellowfin Tuna.

Cmon Thursday

Guanaja Lobsters Beware!

April 25th, 2009

I have acquired the equalizer lobster snare which I plan to use when I visit Guanaja during May. This device should assure
many lobster dinners on our visit to Guanaja, the finest of the
bay islands in the country of Honduras.