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Guanaja: why you need to visit

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

1. Best Bonefishing hands down, nothing like standing on a beautiful flat in absolutely gorgeous water looking for bones, even if they are not biting that day you still have a blast because of your surroundings.

2. Diving- Guanaja has unspoiled wildlife which lends itself to very successful dives. Qualified instructors await your visit.
Contact Bo Bush( Bo’s Island House) or George of Clearwater Paradise and either will take you to the best places.

3. Scenery- you can hike to the top of several of Guanajas’ peaks and have glorious views of the neighboring islands and the mainland

4. Investment Opportunity- Guanaja is still relatively inexpensive for Caribbean beachfront property. Lots of opportunity to find your retirement spot or make a wise investment.

Visit Guanaja you will be glad you did!

Bay Islands of Honduras article in USA Today

Monday, March 15th, 2010


The Bay Islands had a very nice write up in the largest newspaper publication in the United States this past week. Guanaja was mentioned but really only in passing as the better part of the article pertained to Roatan and the massive amounts of growth seen on that island over the last 10 years.

Here is the link for your reading enjoyment:

Hope everyone is doing well

Utila was the first stop on our Sailing Trip around the Bay Islands

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

We arrived in Roatan from the states and were greeted at
the airport by our captain Mr. Kenny Lundy. He brought us
to Barefoot Cay which is where his boat remains when he is
not out sailing the seas. He took us on a tour of the Cay
which has a high end hotel that had a swimming pool and a Dive Shop.

After we got our provisions for the trip we set sail due west
towards the island of Utila. This was a 4 hour trip and was
by far the best day of sailing that we experienced. Captain
Lundy put up his Spinnaker sail which creates a feeling of
surfing on the waves via the boat.
We arrived at the island in time to go to the popular pizza
place on the island which was very tasty. After dinner we
then proceeded to a bar called the JadeSeahorse which was
quite a place. It was an elaborate bar with several levels decorated in different colored glass. The decor at this establishment made for an entertaining evening.
We awoke the next morning and went into town to shoot some
video and do a little grocery shopping. We saw several backpackers while we were on the island. We then boarded captain Lundy’s boat in order to set sail for the nature reserve of Cayos Cochinos.

An Earthquake of 7.1 Magnitude rocks the country of Honduras

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

A 7.1 magnitude quake with an epicenter 80 miles northeast
of La Ceiba, Honduras awoke the residents of the Bay islands this morning at 3:24 am.

I have spoken to a resident of Guanaja and they
said that they had experienced a very big shake but that all
seemed to be well on the island. This resident also said that
residents of Bonacca were very concerned about a possible
Tsunami warning which had been issued. This warning has since
been rescinded.
After doing some research I was able to find the last date
of a powerful quake to hit Honduras. This quake was 6.5 in
magnitude and occurred in 1999.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this tragedy.