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World Cup Quarterfinals begin tomorrow and Honduras is on the outside looking in…

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Qualifying for the World Cup is an accomplishment in itself and because the country of Honduras has not been since 1982 they should be congratulated. Unfortunately the best of the three results in South Africa was a tie in the final group game. Because they lost 2 games and tied the third the Honduran team did not advance past the group stage of the tournament. Also the two finalist from the last World Cup did not make it past the group stage either. Honduras had a competitive team but lacked the ability to finish.
I will be pulling for Ghana to win it all from here as they are the sole representatives left from the host continent.

Moving in a completely different direction it looks like Guanaja may have gotten some much needed rain from Alex which passed the island as a tropical storm, crossed the Yucatan peninsula and became a hurricane in the southern Gulf of Mexico

We hope everyone on the island is doing well.