crystal blue waters on guanaja
Deserted beach near Michael's Rock
photo by Luis Feldman

Getting to guanaja

Arriving in Guanaja may be the biggest challenge (and one well worth it!) that is holding it back from being the next top Caribbean destination. Getting to Roatan or the mainland is quick and easy from the US. You have several options to get you to Guanaja from there. You can:

  • Fastest - Fly to Roatan and then charter a boat or flight directly to Guanaja on the weekly Saturday flight from Roatan (see details below).
  • Second Fastest - Fly to Roatan and then take two 15-30 minutes flights: one to La Ceiba on the mainland and then another to Guanaja
  • Takes longer but probably more flexible times - Fly to the Honduran mainland from the US to either San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa, then fly to La Ceiba and on to Guanaja

Weekly flight from Roatan to Guanaja

  • Weekly flight on Lanhsa Airlines - As of 2014, there is a weekly flight to Guanaja from Roatan every Saturday morning and afternoon. With parties of four or more, the airline will fly essentially any day of the week. Call for reservations.

Flying from the US to Roatan or the mainland 

Keep in mind because there is only one flight to Guanaja a day that you may not be able to connect the same day.
  • To Roatan - You can fly the following airlines: Continental, Delta, Taca. Continental flies into and departs Roatan on Thursdays (During Peak Times), Saturdays and Sundays
  • To La Ceiba - I am not aware of any direct flights from the US to La Ceiba.  You must fly through either Roatan, Tegucigalpa, or San Pedro Sula then onto La Ceiba.  Since Sosa Airlines is the only one currently flying to Guanaja, you have to connect through La Ceiba
  • To San Pedro Sula - American and Continental fly to San Pedro Sula.  From here take Sosa Airlines to La Ceiba then onto Guanaja