flats fishing on guanaja island
flats fishing
photo by Luis Feldman

what to do in guanaja

Guanaja is famed for its rare underwater beauty. For those who like diving and snorkeling, the abundance and variety of life underwater is fascinating. For those who want to spend their vacation truly getting away from it all, Guanaja is one of the most relaxing, serene destinations today.

  • Diving - The highest level of visibility that one could expect - sometimes exceeding 55 meters -and warm temperatures throughout the year makes diving in Guanaja a delight you would want to experience over and over again. Guanaja is on the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world and has some of the best dive sites in the bay islands.

  • Fishing – Some of the best flats fishing in the world can be found between the cays on the eastern side of the island.  Be sure to bring your own pole if you are not going to be going with a guide.  One of the top groups to offer fishing trips on the island is  Fly Fish Guanaja.

  • Snorkeling -   If you plan on snorkeling while in Guanaja be sure to bring your own snorkel gear. Gear is not readily available on the island.  Two good Snorkeling spots include the reef around Michael’s Rock and the Dina Beach area.  Also Grahams place is great place to spot Barracuda, Bonefish and possibly catch a Carribbean Spiny Lobster.

  • Hiking -  Start by taking a 30 minute hike to the only waterfall on the island of Guanaja. Start just to the north of Bo’s Island House and follow the signs.  You can also hike up to Grant's Peak which is one of the highest points on the island which has greats views of the Bay Islands.

  • Explore the local towns – To get the feel of the local culture you can go to any of the nearby towns including Bonacca, Mangrove Bight, Savannah Bight, Northeast Bight and The Mitch.  Bonacca is the destination if you need to go to the store, bank, pharmacy, or doctor.  If you want to be real adventurous, try flagging down the gentlemen that drives the Ford Explorer somewhere in the Mitch and get him to take you on a 'jungle tour' which ends at Northeast Bight.